Identification of Different Parts for a Three Phase Induction Motor (along with Function and Materials)

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Experiment Name:

Identification of different parts (along with function and materials) for a given three phase induction motor.


To identify (i) different parts (ii) function and (iii) materials of a three phase induction motor.


The three phase induction motor is the most widely used electrical motor. Almost 80% of the mechanical power used by industries is provided by 3 ph induction motor because of its simple and rugged in construction, low cost, good operating characteristics. In three phase induction motor, the power is transferred from stator to rotor winding through induction. The induction motor is also called asynchronous motor as it runs at a speed other than the synchronous speed.

Stator Parts:

Sl. No.Stator PartsPositionFunctionMaterials
1.YokeOuter part of Induction MotorTo hold the stator core and 3 phase windingsCast iron
2.Stator coreFitted inner part of the yokeTo hold the windings Laminated Silicon steel
3.3 phase windings3 different windings short pitched or full pitched and connected in star or delta connectionTo produce uniform rotating magnetic fieldCopper with Class B insulation
4.Terminal BoxMounted on the surface of the yokeTo cover the connecting terminalsMild steel
6.Name PlateReveted on the surface of yokeTo show the details of the motor, i.e. power in HP, voltage, full load current, full load speed in rpm, frequency, bearing number, duty cycle, insulation class, serial number, manufactures details etc.Aluminium
7.Cooling FinsCasted with yokeTo increase the surface area of the yoke for cooling purpose by circulating airCast Iron
8.End covers (Front & rear)Fitted with yoke by bolt, on the front side and rear side of the motorTo hold the bearings and to protect the motor by covering the facesCast Iron
9.Bearing housingCasted with end covers or separately fitted To hold the bearingsCast Iron
10.Bolts & ScrewesFitting the loose parts of the motorTo fit the end covers and terminals box with yokeMild steel

Rotor Parts:

Sl. No.Rotor PartsPositionFunctionMaterials
1.ShaftPlaced on the bearingsTo couple mechanical load with the motorCarbon steel
2.Rotor coreMounted on the ShaftTo hold the aluminium rotor bars and end ringsLaminted Silicon Steel
2.Rotor aluminium barsFitted on the surface of the rotor core by skewingTo produce rotor emf, current and field. Behaves like a shorted secondary winding.Aluminium
3.Aluminium end ringsMounted on two side of the core To short the rotor bars and create a closed path for conducting the rotor currentAluminium
4.BearingsPlaced inside the bearing housing of stator end coversTo help the shaft for rotation of the rotor inside the stator by reducing the frictionChrome Steel
5.FanFitted on the shaftTo cool the motor by forcing natural air.Mild steel or Aluminium


All parts of three phase squirrel cage induction motor
Stator Parts
Squirrel cage rotor parts

Apparatus Used:

Sl No.Name of ApparatusSpecificationQuantityMakers name
 1.3 ph Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 1 HP, 415V, 50 Hz,1440 rpmTech-Track

Remarks: All parts of the three phase induction motor is dismantled and assembled successfully.

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