Prepare a Report Based on Transmission Line Network in West Bengal

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Prepare a report based on transmission line network in West Bengal


West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL) exist to transmit power from generating stations to load centres through transmission corridors in accordance with standards set down in The Grid Code for the development of the state in particular and the nation in general. They use their assets and resources efficiently, coordinate between Grid Users and ensure Grid Discipline. They receive load forecast from the distribution companies and carry our planning, for future load growth and necessary construction and augmentation of the network and undertake preventive and restorative maintenance. In return they receive transmission and System Operation Charges; At the Present Time they are a reliable, strong and steady organization, but rather slow. They are team workers, methodical, plan for the future, are regimented and hard working.

Power Map of West Bengal as per WBSETCL as on 31st March 2022

Installed Capacity:


I owe to this website, Thanks to West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (A Govt. of WB Enterprise) for preparing this report.

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