Realization of Half Adder, Full Adder

Experiment No.: 4(A)

Experiment Name:

Realization of Half Adder, Full Adder

Objective: To implement the circuit and verify the circuit with truth table of

  1. Half adder
  2. Full adder


Half adder: The simplest combinational circuit performs the arithmetic addition of two binary digit is called Half Adder. The half adder has 2 input and 2 output i.e. Sum (S) and Carry (C).

Block Diagram:

Circuit Diagram of Half Adder using Logic Gates:

Observation Table:

Full Adder: The simplest combinational circuit that performs the arithmetic operation of three binary digit is called Full Adder. It has 3 input and 2 output.

Block Diagram:

Truth Table of Full Adder:

Circuit Diagram of Full Adder using Logic Gates:

Observation Table:

Apparatus Used:

Sl No.Name of ApparatusQuantitySpecificationMakers name
1.Logic Gate Trainer Kit1IC 7432, IC 7408, IC 7404, IC 7400, IC 7402Salicon
2.Connecting Probes As required  
3.Digital Multimeter10-1000 V DC, 0-750 V AC, 0-10 AAkademika

Remarks: The half adder and full adder circuits are implemented and verified the truth table.

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