Implementation of A/D Converter

Experiment No.: 6(B)

Experiment Name:

Implementation of Digital to Analog converter using trainer kit.


To design and study the digital to analog converter.


The process of conversion of an analog signal to digital signal is referred to as on analog to digital conversion and the system used for this purpose is referred to as analog to digital converter. The analog digital convert is logical process that requires conceptually two steps quantizing & coding. Quantization is the process that performs the transformation of a continuous analog signal in a set of discrete level. In this, Input voltage can have only value in a range, but digital Output can only have 2n value for n bit A/D convertor. In general quantum is given by : Q = FSR/N = Full Scale Range/2n

Circuit Diagram:


  1. Make the connection as shown in circuit diagram.
  2. Connect the variable DC supply to the Vi of the converter.
  3. Keep the DC variable in counter clockwise position.
  4. Place the Reset / Count switch in reset position.
  5. Connect the power supply to the board.
  6. Connect a multimeter as voltmeter for DC, to the input Vi of the converter.
  7. Set the Reset / Count switch to count position
  8. Rotate the pot connected to +5V DC from initial position i.e. ; 0V in clockwise direction to max. voltage i.e. +5V.
  9. Read and measure and record the output analog voltage display on DMM respective to digital output display on LEDs ,which is in binary progression.

Observation Table:

Sl. No.Practical ValueD3D2D1D0

Apparatus Used:

Sl. No.Name of the ApparatusSpecificationQuantityMaker’s Name
1.ADC Trainer Kit230 V input1Excel
2.Patch CordAs required
3.Digital Multimeter0-750 V AC, 0-1000 V DC, 0-10 A1Akademika


The A/D converter is studied & observations are recorded in observation tables.


All the connections should be right and made according to connection diagram. Switched on the power supply after checking the connections. Reading should be taken carefully consciously.

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