Calculate the Total Energy Cost in a Residential Bill

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Calculation of total energy cost in a Residential Bill.


To Calculate the total energy cost in a Residential Bill.


Tariff Scheme of an urban domestic consumer as per WBSEDCL is shown below. We have to calculate the bill on the basis of the tariff chart.

Calculation of Total Cost of a Residential (Domestic) Bill:

Let us assume Mr. Michael Faraday, a domestic (urban) consumer of WBSEDCL, His bill details is shown below,

His previous reading of energy meter was 8732 unit and present reading is 9522 unit

Now consumed unit is (9522-8732) = 790 unit     

MF = 1 (Multiplying factor, upto a certain unit consumption this is taken 1)  

Calculation of Variable Cost (Energy Charge): 

According to tariff scheme of WBSEDCL, 790 unit is splitted into several parts,

Quarterly Consumption (Unit)Rate (paisa)Amount (₹)
First 102.00530540.60
Next 78.00597465.66
Next 120.00697836.40
Next 300.007312193.00
Next 190.007581440.20
Total 790.00 5475.86

Calculation of Fixed Charge /Demand Charge (in ₹/kVA/month):

According to tariff scheme of WBSEDCL, Fixed/Demand Charge amount is ₹15/kVA/month (for Domestic-Urban)

For quarterly (3 months) total Fixed Charge is (15×3) = ₹ 45.00

Calculation of Meter Rent:

According to tariff scheme of WBSEDCL, Meter Rent is ₹ 10.00 per month

For quarterly (3 months) total Meter Rent is (10×3) = ₹ 30.00

MVCA (Monthly Variable Cost Adjustment) Charge:

According to tariff scheme of WBSEDCL, MVCA charge amount is 23p/kWh

For quarterly (3 months) total MVCA is (0.23×790.00) = ₹ 181.70

LPSC (Late Payment Surcharge Cost):

LPSC means Surcharge applicable due to non-payment of bill within due date It is chargeable/calculated on day to day basis on total payable bill amount (excluding LPSC element) as per the prescribed rates.

For the Customer LPSC for one month is ₹ 1.26

Government Subsidy:  According to tariff scheme of WBSEDCL

Total Subsidy is (-) ₹673.46 for 3 months, to be subtracted from total amount.

Overall Gross Amount Calculation:

Charges for 3 months (quarterly)Amount (₹)
Energy Charges5475.86
Fixed Charge /Demand Charge45.00
Meter Rent30.00
LPSC (for 1 month)1.26
Total Amount (without Govt. Subsidy)5733.82
Govt. Subsidy(-) 673.46
Gross Payable Amount (quarterly)5060.36

Result: Therefore Mr. Michael Faraday has to pay ₹ 5060.36 for 3 months.

The Bill:

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