Temperature measurement using Thermocouple.

Experiment No.: 4

Experiment Name: Temperature measurement using Thermocouple.


To measure temperature by using thermocouple


Thermocouple (J/K type): The Thermocouple is the most commonly used type of all the temperature sensing devices due to its simplicity, ease of use and their speed of response to changes in temperature, due mainly to their small size. Thermocouples also have the widest temperature range of all the temperature sensing devices from below -200°C to well over 2000°C. It basically consists of two junctions of dissimilar metals, such as copper and constantan that are welded or crimped together. One junction is kept at a constant temperature called the reference (Cold) junction, while the other the measuring (Hot) junction is used as the temperature sensor and this is shown below.

Circuit Diagram:

Procedure: (Use any one sensor (J or K) at a time)

  1. Connect the J/K type TC sensor at its position mentioned on front panel.
  2. Connect the power cord to the apparatus.
  3. Switch on the apparatus.
  4. User can see the temperature in degree centigrade on second row of 16×2 display.

Observation Table:

Time (min.)0123456789
Temperature (K/ OC)Hot Jn.           
 Cold Jn.          
Thermocouple Output (mV)           


Apparatus Used:

Sl No.Name of ApparatusQuantitySpecificationMakers name


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