Measurement of Strain by using Basic Strain Gauge and Determine the Stress Induced.

Experiment No.: 1

Experiment Name:

Measurement of strain by using a basic strain gauge and hence determine the stress induced.


  1. To measure strain by using a basic strain gauge
  2. To determine the stress induced


It is a resistive transducer as well as passive transducer and it works on the basis of familier equation of resistance, R= ρ. l/a.

The non electric quantity (Displacement, force, pressure, temperature etc) which has to be measured is applied on such a way that these will change either length or cross sectional area of resistive wire. Resistive wire strain gauges also known as “Piezo-resistive Gauge”. It is used for measurement of displacement, temperature and pressure. As a secondary transducer it also used for measurement of force and acceleration.

Circuit Diagram:

Observation Table:

Sl. No.Applied mass (gm)Displayed mass (gm)% ErrorChange in voltage (Δeo) (mV)Input Voltage (ei) (V)


From the observation table a graph is plotted. Mass v/s change in voltage (Δeo)

Determination of Stress:

Stress= Force/area, Force= mass. gravitational acceleration,

So, calculated stress= m.g/a where, m= applied mass, g= gravitational acceleration, a= elevated surface area of strain gauge.

Taken, g= 9.81 m/s2 and a= _______ m2

Sl. No.Mass (gm)Stress (N/m)

Apparatus Used:

Sl No.Name of ApparatusQuantitySpecificationMakers name
 1.Strain measurement trainer kit Resistive type strain gaugeM.E.W. 
2.Weight Box1500 gm
 3.Digital Multimeter  0-750 V AC, 0-10 A Akademika


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