List of different equipments used in energy auditing

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To list the different equipments used in energy auditing


No.Name of the InstrumentIntended Use
1.Flue Gas AnalyzersUsed for optimizing the combustion efficiency by measuring/monitoring the oxygen and CO levels in flue gas of boilers, furnaces etc. and calculation of CO2 percentage in excess air level and efficiency.
2.Temperature IndicatorsUsed for measuring temperatures of gases/air, liquids, slurries, semi solids, powders etc. Using different types of probes.
3.Infrared ThermometersUsed for measuring temperatures from a distance using infrared technology.
4.Thermal Insulation scannerUsed for measuring loss of energy in Kcal per unit area from hot/cold insulated surfaces. The total loss can be obtained by multiplying the total surface under study.
5.Steam Trap MonitorUsed for performance evaluation of steam Traps.
6.Conductivity MeterUsed for on the spot water analysis of the amount of dissolved solids in water.
7.pH meterUsed for on the spot analysis of effective acidity or alkalinity of a solution/water. Acidity /alkalinity water.
8.Thermo-hygrometerUsed for measurement of air velocity & humidification, ventilation, Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems etc.
9.Thermo-hygrometerUsed for measurement of humidity and temperature and the calculation of dew point to find out the heat being carried away by out going gases in industries. Where product drying requires hot air.
10.Ultrasonic Flow MeterUsed for measurement of flow of liquids through pipelines of various sizes through ultrasonic sensors mounted on the pipelines.
11.U-Tube ManometerUsed for measurement of differential pressure.
12.Digital ManometerUsed for measurement of differential pressure.
13.VisguageUsed for measurement of differential viscosity.
14.Used Lube Oil Test KitUsed for testing lube oil.
15.Non-Contact TachometerUsed for measurement of speed of rotation equipment.
16.Demand AnalyserUsed for measurement and analysis of electrical load and demand control.
17.Power AnalyserUsed for measurement and analysis of electrical Power.
18.Harmonic AnalyserUsed for analysis of harmonics in power System.
19.LuxmeterUsed for measurement of illumination level.
20.Clip on Dig. Watt MeterUsed for measurement of power without interrupting the connections.
21.Clip on Dig. PF MeterUsed for measurement of power factor without interrupting the connection.
22.Clamp on amp. MeterUsed for measurement of current without Interrupting the connections.
23.Digital MultimeterUsed for measurement of voltage. Current and resistance.
24.Frequency MeterUsed for measurement of power supply frequency.
Wohler 5996 A 550 Flue Gas Analyzer Industrial, Blue:  Industrial & Scientific
Flue Gas Analyser

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Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India


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