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Lighting 1


A WISH LIST . . . If only we could have . . .

. . . The following rendered examples show the possibilities that can be achieved with modern (and not so modern) lighting techniques . . . .
THE BOX, Take a room suitable for just about anything, a gallery, LED panel lighting suggesting the perforations on a cinematic film and finally adding some colour to set the mood.
THE OPEN SPACE, Time to save energy in the wee hours of the morning . . . Switching off the office  space lighting doesn't have to mean the death of the building.  Maintaining feature lighting to the public and essential lighting for the night time security guard can leave interesting results.
THE AMPHETHEATRE, Permanent lighting to the stage, access lighting through the seating area, catching the drama on stage and presenting a pleasant space to enjoy the evening.
THE BOSSES CORNER, All-be-it a platform in the conference hall or mini theatre where free speech reigns, receive an award or entertain the crew.  Ambient lighting is provided for general use with the provision of a lighting rail for permanent and/or temporary effects lighting to be installed.
THE SOLE TRADER'S RECEPTION, Chose what you like, Up-lights, down-lights, colour, plain white, recessed or suspended.  Lighten up your logo inside or stick it on the roof. . . . Maybe not everything at once!
THE WAITING ROOM, Alfresco, Lighting up railway station platforms and other such external areas for public convenience.
THE GALLARY, Bringing out the best on your display, art work and presentations - Atmospheric suroundings or bringing out hidden qualities.
THE ACADEMIC, Learning anywhere whether at the lecture theatre or practicing to be a master in your studio. Downlights provide essential lighting whilst  uplighting suits a studio to live in.
THE MODERN CHAPEL, Nothing too fancy, plain and simple. Focusing on the Cross and the Altar, with ambient lighting for meditation and prayer.  Essentially, this is lit using LED lights which can be dimmed further.  Feature lighting to the outside of the buildings maintains the Churches presence in the community.
ARCHITECTURAL RELICS, and other pieces of art.  The light source can transform a three dimensional object to a single pane or fill it with colour bringing on a completely new depth of life
ENTRANCES AND FACADES, are what catch the eye of the passer by. Apart from advertising, a welcoming door is also a portal of enticement. Here seen illumination to heritage facades, not  much scope to alter the design but follow the columns and be creative with shadows.
LANDSCAPES, add to the facade, or carve a tunnel of light through the darkness.  Mark a path reflecting light off the fauna, or use something classical to light somewhere to sit.
MIRRORS, volumize the room adding people and size.  Follow the lines of the corridor with linear strip or add sparkle with downlighting.
CORRIDORS and WALKWAYS, everybody is going somewhere so make it plesant and interesting.  Circular fittings are traditional whilst linear LED strips can be used to define paths.  
SPORTS, floodlit for amerture, semi professional and tournament events.  Uniformity, colour rendering and glare control are critical for that perfect match.
MISCELLANEOUS, Of course, there are always areas behind the scenes where the house keeping takes place, such as meeting rooms, comms rooms, training rooms and breakout areas.
The Good Lord Will Never Flood The World Again To Distruction.

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