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Lighting – Church Open

Lighting – Churches Open
With the knowledge that availability of space, cultural and climatic influences for building construction exist, there is a need for open sided buildings to worship at whilst providing a shelter from the rain.  This example has been provided as the lighting affects both the internal congregational space and the surrounding external area.
The first example shows a basic timber frame shelter with corrugated steel roof lit with twin fluorescent battens.  The altar is provided with additional fluorescent battens to bring out the focal point.  Lights provided should be primarily capable of withstanding the outdoor environment with weatherproof housings.  Although not the most decorative of fittings, fluorescent batten fittings are the most practical and cost effective way of providing light to such venues.  The light is softer than the use of discharge lamps and may be switched on, off or even dimmed with high frequency ballasts.
The second example demonstrated the capability of LED replacement ‘Hi Bay’ luminaires.  A ‘Hi Bay’ approach to lighting a large hall is certainly a commonly used method but carries the restrictions of light quality, delayed re-strike times and the lack of dimmable control. LED light may be as harsh as high pressure discharge lighting, but situated in a high space will provide light with a comfortable glare rating for use in large halls.  For this example an approximate 25% energy reduction was calculated compared to fluorescent lighting which would repay itself over the increased capital cost.
High apex roofed canopies can benefit by a single luminaire mounting line along the top, the beam angle of the lamp spreading across the span. Consider linear LED strip or flood lighting.
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