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Lighting – Church Interiors 3 - Modern

Lighting – Church Interiors 3 - Modern

Interior lighting serves to light the habitat, to enhance the interior design of the architecture, to provide a level of comfort for worship and the display of audio visual material and of course, to provide enough light to read from the hymn books. Key features such as the Cross, the pulpit, the lectern and banners require light for the functionality of the buildings.  A general ambient light is required for the congregation that may be dimmed or selectively switched off in between services.  Feature lighting may be incorporated to pick out the architectural columns, beams, windows or works of art.

With technology leading the way in recording and broadcasting services, there will be more consideration to stage lighting and theatre requirements.

There are several showcase examples provided here:
Time for a splash of colour.  This example, which may be on the extremities for a contemporary congregation, would certainly be an eye-catcher for ‘young’ Christians and certainly adds to an otherwise very straight forward plain building.  LED lighting is generally supplied in ‘White’ or ‘RGB Colour’ versions.  The fact that the colour version is made up of red, green and blue components, investing in dimmable colours means that virtually any colour can be set.  Great for coordinating with the Anglican calendar colour themes and churches with multiple services for different age groups. Just remember that coloured light generally has less output than regular white lights.
A clasic 80's design, sporting tungsten flood lights, typical to the era - and very nice too.  As the LED age progresses, replacements for most lamps will become available yielding energy and cost savings.  There will probably be many different makes of each type on the market.  In selecting LED lamps make certain that the light distribution is a good match with that of the predecessing tungsten lamp and make sure that recessed lamps have a space for heat dissipation above.
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