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Lighting – Church External

Lighting – Church External
Exterior lighting serves to light the exterior feature of the architects work as well as providing an illumination for safe movement.
The exterior of a large traditional church. This case example demonstrates the capabilities of LED lighting.  All installed accessible at low level in the ground, at the tower parapet and mid line above the aisle roofing.  The tower and front entrance have been flood lit featuring the columns by shadowing, window recesses have been highlighted using low illumination LED flood lights and the front lobby lit internally for a distinctive warm welcoming light.
Starting with the basic model to demonstrate the general light distribution, windows and doors are added later such as the examples below.

The exterior of a modern Church.  Open to a large selection of modern style LED lights.  The perimeter is lit for accessibility using wall mounted LED ‘cubes’, the porch is illuminated to identify the entrance and the spire floodlit to show its place in the community.  The footpath is illuminated using an LED post top lamp (Not shown) to cover the distance from the street to the building.
The illuminated glow from the interior of this church reflects off the slatted windows and archways, bringing out the features from behind.  Very little additional external lighting is required except for pathway lighting and some additional lighting to the columns.  The church was designed for tropical weather and by such, means that the windows and archways are open to the cross breeze, luminaires would therefore be fixed sturdily to withstand swaying in the wind.
To stay within the bounds of energy efficiency, not all new lighting needs to be of the LED type.  This traditional church possibly found in the outback demonstrates fluorescent tube luminaires lighting up the veranda.  The featured lights here are the LED area lighting at the front to the gate and the pencil thin LED spotlight illuminating the cross without excessive light loss, maintaining a ‘dark skies’ policy.
EXTREMITIES and ESSENTIALS.  In contrast to floodlighting a façade, the shape of a building can be defined by accenting the extremities.  This Church Building with a unique sEide of apexes is shown illuminated with low wattage pin-stripe spotlights bringing out the peeks, spotlights picking up the spire and the sanctuary emphasised again with narrow beam spotlights.  Illumination of the door is essential and can be done so with similar lighting design.
MAKING SOMETHING WITH LIGHT This small traditional Church was provided with a roof and a somewhat smallish cross at the top of no significant size.  Fortunately it exists on a hill top on a village so that all can see . . . but ever wanted a spire?  . . . make one out of lights.
The Arch features have been accented using LED floodlights, something decorative provided at the doorway and the reach to the cross at the top features with a strip of light presenting itself as an illuminated spire.
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