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LED – And The Way Ahead

LED – And The Way Ahead

So what does happen next.  For the average person in the high street, the ever increasing variations of LED lamps may raise such questions as. . .
>   Are the lamps we have suitably energy rated?
>   What of our traditional style lighting schemes that suit the heritage of the building?
>   Can I do this myself or do I need to get in contact with someone?
>   Is the building too gloomy?
The most likely scenario is that any incandescent lamp existing within the building would probably fall below the grade of energy efficient lighting.
For further action : An energy audit maybe carried out to accurately determine the situation
Traditional style luminaires and lanterns do not need to be replaced with modern fittings, this is essential for heritage buildings where the visual content has to remain the same. Many lamps can now be replaced with energy efficient alternatives, some look better than others and warm through to cool colour temperatures are available.
For further action : Replace lamps with modern energy saving lamps, seek the advice of a Chartered Electrical Engineer for lamp types.

Lamps are relatively easy to replace and can be done by competent building maintenance staff, ensuring that safety measures are in place for working at heights and with electricity.
For further action : Should the lamp type be no longer available, heritage luminaires can be modified by authorised electricians to fit lamp holders as required, certifying the modified luminaire.

. . . and is your building too gloomy, or indeed, too bright and inefficient.  Selecting energy efficient lighting these days may be as easy as ‘Off The Shelf’ but can be as involved as tuning a car, providing enough light to make the space habitable but keeping within an economic and efficient energy usage.  An experienced lighting designer will be able to advise of suitable solutions and schemes.

Russell Fox
B.Eng, C.Eng, MIET, CPEng(Aust), MIEAust,  NPER
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